Underrated smells.

1. The smell of cheap Folgers-brand coffee right at the beginning of brewing in an old school perculator.

2. Smoke from candles right after you put them out.

3. Old, but not musty, paper.

Two thoughts:

A) The new art gallery’s fancy design runs into trouble with snow building up in its crevices. Wonder if the architect thought of that?

B) Wouldn’t this be the best winter job of all time? Of alll time?

words that i can never spell, shh

1. convenient
2. licence
3. recommend

Unrequited fantasies…

1. Having a wardrobe full of the same outfit, replete with shoes, ties, accessories.

2. ???


Does such a thing as generic Cheese Whiz exist?


Dear Coworker,

Yes. I get it. Oasis is a bitchin awesome band. Wonderwall fuckin rocks. I personally prefer Noel, since his name rhymes with mine and everything. We all figured out how much you love them about twelve repeats ago.

Yours sincerely,
Head of the music snob committee.