I just had the best dream!

It was right before I woke up. In it, the group at school all went for
milkshakes and were lined up to order them. Everyone was speculating
as to which flavour to order, since there were a lot. Then, Matt (the
mormon) said: “man, I have picked the best flavour!” And everyone was
all “what flavour is that Matt?”

He says: “a Cream Jesus.”


So *I* head straight to the counter and ask for a “cream Jesus with
extra Jesus.”

How awesome are dreams where: a) you get an awesome idea for a
milkshake and b) you also have a witty one liner!?


5 responses to “I just had the best dream!

  1. That’s really weird. Also we should have some cream Jesus’

  2. i love this dream. you are really good at dreaming.

  3. joelhasausername

    I’m a good doodler!

  4. I just remembered how good this dream was.

  5. You should blog here again.

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