so, one of my new year’s resolutions is to walk more. that’s right. i make new years resolutions. sure, they may be cheesy and rarely fulfilled, but there’s a lovely sense of optimism to them. the world definitely needs more optimism.

anyway: walking. walking is rad for the following reasons:
1. (practically) anyone can walk! out of any physical activity, walking requires the least amount of planning, special equipment, gym memberships, etc. which is to say that it requires none of those things. i’m sorry if i’ve offended the legless here.

2. walking is secretly good for you. okay, not so secretly good for you. if you walk for an hour each day and kept all other excercise and dietary considerations equal, you would lose about 40-50 pounds over the course of a year! (an hour of walking burns about 400-500 calories, which adds up to almost a pound of weight per week!) also, in keeping with point 1, walking is relatively low impact and won’t leave you totally spent for the rest of your day.

3. also: walking doesn’t make you super sweaty! although it can make you just a lil sweaty. just the right amount of sweaty!

4. walking gets you places! since you don’t need to wear anything special to do it, you can walk to work! or school! or your friends’ houses. et cetera. et cetera! you transport yourself *while* getting fresh air and sunshine and fitness benefits! bb and i were discussing this benefit and realized if it normally takes you a half hour to get to work every day, but an hour to walk, it’s like getting a buy one get one free coupon for fitness!

5. this also could be extended to pretty much any (urban) transportation scenario: drive an hour to work? drive three quarters of the way, park (and probably save a ton of money since you no longer need that one spot), and walk! listen to a podcast (i have started doing this and recommend the new Wiretap and Onion Radio News , or renew your enjoyment of hall and oates, or just use the time to clear your thoughts and figure out a thing or two.

hurrah for walking!


2 responses to “walking!

  1. i appreciate the truth in all you have written. you forgot that walking is also tiger balm for the soul.

  2. that means we burned like 3,000 calories on monday when we skiied for freaking ever.

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