hey so i went to europe.

lights go out

now that i have an international following of blogreaders (half of my audience moved to seattle), i *suppose* i should try and keep everyone in the loop. the loop is: bb and i went to europe!

i just spent a million hours uploading pictures on flickr (i refuse to upload any onto facebook. facebook photos are the poopiest poops i have ever smelt), and you can check them out here. this totally counts as megablogging, by the way, even if it’s not on this blog.

there’s even a special lil’ treat for my seattle friends.

err, seattle friend.

talk to you later gators!


5 responses to “hey so i went to europe.

  1. I really am your only reader.

  2. not true! i read too!

  3. Yeah, ah, I count too.

  4. Elijah, you’re not even a real person.

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