hourly comic day 2009

my friend patrick invited me to participate in the 2009 daily comic, um, comic-a-thon! you can read more about it here.

the way it works is that you’re supposed to draw and scan a comic for each waking hour on february 1st. i am not the world’s fastest drawer, so let’s just pretend that i was napping for all of the hours i missed. besides, they would have all been about drawing if i had truly held the code of the contest to it’s letter. by the end i was trying to convince people to draw my comics for me, or at least give me good ideas to draw.

hourly comic- 8am
this is my favourite one. i like our armpit hairs. you can see the rest of them here.

i actually really liked doing this, and seeing what patrick came up with, and some of the others posted online (like this one and this one; it’s interesting to see what various people do (and when) that is worthy of being drawn on a sunday). i am officially tagging natasha to do this next year, partly because she will do awesome stuff of probably very interesting things when she’s living in seattle, and partly because i know she will get all grumpy trying to draw that much but will probably be a good sport and try to do it anyways. right? right?

guys, am i right?


3 responses to “hourly comic day 2009

  1. I think it’s totally sweet that you took part in comic day.

  2. You have a backlog of blog posts I haven’t read…

    As for the comic thing that’s pretty intense, I dunno.

  3. joelhasausername

    wait, what? i have posts that you haven’t read? who is the ultimate blogger now!

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