i rule at blogging about computers

okay, so what i may lack in blogging productivity i make up for in absolute quality. particularly when it comes to computers!

this tip goes out to all my apple loving homies out there, i know you hear me. for everyone who is reading this post on a mac, take a second to look at your desktop (you can do this quickly by using exposé– the default key to do so is f11, though you may need to press the function key if you’re on a new macbook). if it’s anything like mine, it’s probably cluttered with a whole bunch of random files. which may be bad for the purposes of decluttering your life, but good for today’s demo.

now, select any one of those files- a photo, a PDF, word document, whatever. it could even be a whole bunch of ’em at once. now– wait for it– press the space bar! blam! instant preview of your file! if it’s a multiple page document (like a PDF or word file), you can even scroll through it and read! if it’s a whole bunch of photos, you can navigate them in a slide show format (forget having to use something slow and boring like iPhoto, pffft) or in a contact sheet style arrangement like so!

a bunch of photos that i can look through quickly! hoorah!

so, next time you’re in a computing rush and need to look at a file- have no fear! the space bar is your friend!


2 responses to “i rule at blogging about computers

  1. Does it make me uncool if I tried following your instructions and still don’t know how to do this?

  2. joelhasausername

    wait, so when you’re in the finder and click the sapcebar while selecting a document, it doesn’t do anything?

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