Edmonton transit!

So Edmonton is not New York, Paris or even Toronto when it comes to transit. However, if you are the type of person with a regular commute along specially selected areas (downtown, the University and perhaps a few cloisters around major malls), you could actually use our little transit system that could.

Their website, which goes by the lovely mouthful http://edmonton.ca/transportation/edmonton-transit-system-ets.aspx just got a fancy pants redesign. I don’t know if this was part of their site before, but they now have a “Commuter Calculator” where you can calculate how much you’re saving by taking transit.

I take the train when I don’t bike to the University, and have about a 30 minute commute, depending on peak times, how fast I feel like walking, etc. Driving can be really quick, like 10 minutes not including parking. It’s not that much of a hassle for me to take public transportation, so I was surprised to see just how much I would be saving if indeed I switched from driving. $2400 a year is a lot of dollars per year!

This doesn’t even take into account parking on campus, which could add another $400 on top of that. Granted, anyone that *would* consider driving, when other relatively speedy options exist, when you consider the incredibly crappy parking situation on campus is nuts, so this whole comparison is a bit moot.

How much would you save from switching to the bus?


3 responses to “Edmonton transit!

  1. I forgot to mention: I estimated my daily commute by the wonderful and lovely Gmap Pedometer: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/

  2. Hiya Joel!

    Just wanna share something with you.

    I once had a friend from Malaysia. He got a job in the oil and gas sector in Edmonton. At first he thought he’s goin to enjoy it there, you know, with all the ice an all. Not to mention the money.

    But after a few months he resigned and went back home due to the weather. It’s TOO COLD!

    Well, I guess whenever the weather is extreme, cost of living goes up.

  3. apparently saving $1702.39 with the bus….but I’m gonna use my car for more than just work stuff and though commuting to Vivid Print is pretty slick with the bus, commuting to say…O’Conner’s is not. But I still think I’m gonna walk/take the bus an awful lot for work in the winter. Because I am a responsible, eco-friendly kind of person.

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