I’ve been riding my bicycle around a ton lately! This makes me happy. Very happy indeed.

bicycle, slightly lonely

I don’t think I’m a very patient cyclist. I have a tendency to run through red lights and stop signs, switch between sidewalk and roads at a whim, and generally disregard any and all traffic laws.

It hasn’t caught up to me yet- I’m very careful to always wear a helmet, and I think I usually am pretty safe and generally polite on the road, even if I’m not following the true letter of the law.

It does seem to annoy the heck out some people, though. I get their point- it’s totally reasonable to expect everyone who shares the road to have some common courtesy for everyone’s safety. I try to be as careful as I can especially around pedestrians on sidewalks.

Still, I doubt I’ll change the way I bike. In my experience, most of the problems I’ve encountered are from impatient drivers (which is a small minority- Edmonton in general I think is moderately bike friendly. Um, apart from being giant and sprawling). They really don’t like me being slow to accelerate at red lights and being too slow and not far enough over in my lane so they can pass. The quicker that I can get out of their way and off the busy roads, the safer I feel.

I guess that’s a pretty shoddy argument- the 1% of drivers who disregard traffic laws mean that *I* get to disregard traffic laws too. What do you think about the way drivers and cyclists share the road?


2 responses to “biking!

  1. I’m with you. I doubt I will change the way I bike, but I break a few traffic laws as well.

    I get annoyed by impatient drivers…BUT I also get annoyed by drivers who are too nice and try to wait for you. I prefer them to go about their business and let me do any dodging/waiting.

  2. joelhasausername

    i think we should buy each other some more night lights.

    … and get them to flash, “don’t mind me- no, really, don’t mind me.” that would be ideal.

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