my package of glosette almonds proudly proclaims it is the BEST EVER!

which is a pretty bold statement to make. what sort of process did they do through to come to that conclusion? i will admit that they are pretty good on occasion, but the best? the BEST EVER?!?

i will award a prize to whomever can come up with the best explanation for why glosette’s candies are the best.


5 responses to “BEST EVER

  1. They are the best because their writing is backwards so you have to read it in a mirror.

    Also, becasue the background colour of the box is the same colour as the inside of an almond. That was no coincidence.

  2. granular chocolate. at first it tastes waxy, and then when you bit it, it breaks apart into so many pieces of yum and breaks away from the almond in such a pleasing way. then you can feel the little chocolate shell in your mouth, still holding its original almond-encasing shape.

  3. Prize?

    Also your prize went home with Bri when I found out the shipping cost. It is addressed in smudgey pen and looks not so send-able. The contents are extra special though just like you.

  4. Also, I want Glosettes…

  5. Your blog came up first in Google Search when I went looking for the answer to “best ever” as well. Hershey Canada’s website doesn’t offer any suggestions, either.

    Perhaps they might take advantage of this slogan to slowly and subtly change the product into a less expensive form of chocolate without us knowing.

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