the golden gate bridge
hey y’all, i’m in the midst of sorting through pictures from san fran, but i thought i’d leave you with this tasty treat that i discovered accidentally.

i like to burn CDs of music through iTuns (as perhaps you do as well?)- sometimes, i like to burn copies of music that i’ve digitally (and legally) downloaded, so me and my friends can listen to them in my car. until today, this was a minorly annoying process. i’d have to manually create the playlist, name it something, find the music in iTunes and drag it into the playlist to burn a CD.

not no more! to save valuable time and energy, simply select the album or set of songs you’d like to burn, and press command-shift-N (on a PC, i’m guessing it would be control-shift-N). ta-da! new playlist containing all the songs you want, named after the album they’re taken from.


3 responses to “tipster

  1. you just blew my mind.

  2. I feel like I haven’t seen you in a really long time. You should stop by sometime hey?

  3. learning new shortcuts on macs gives me unparalleled joy. thank you.

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