joel is:

1. wondering why Edo is so popular on campus. it’s not cheap, it’s not that tasty, nor is it that healthy[1]. maybe it just seems like it is those three to its customers.

2. excited about going to san francisco! with company! with more than one company! any one have anything important to add to my list of things to do?

3. sorry, visiting the full house houses was already on it.

4. okay, so here is the short list:

  • get a street-side taco (courtesy of Tai, a friend who grew up there)
  • go to Chez Panisse, only the best restaurant in the world (courtesy of my aunt Liz)
  • go to Design Within Reach, a fancy design store
  • purchase scads of Adidas shoes.
  • only patronize stores that do not exist in edmonton. sorry, subway, mcdonald’s and starbucks.
  • um, the golden gate bridge? and other touristy kind of things.
  • pretend as if we could get playoff tickets to see the warriors.

5. … bummed that going to san fran will mean missing the royal bison craft fair. sorry tash! will you put on a subsequent friends-only sale so i can buy tons and tons of stuff?

6…. off to play basketball!


19 responses to “joel is:

  1. who are you going to san fran with? ottawa is cooler. come here instead. we have good poutine *well, we’re in range of montreal which has good poutine* good shopping *again, in range of montreal* and fun restaurants and clubs *montreal*

    screw it, come pick me up and we’ll go to montreal

  2. joelhasausername

    how ’bout later in the summer?

  3. joelhasausername

    for serious!

  4. wha…!? when/why/with whom are you going?

  5. alcatraz!

  6. Go to the de Young Museum, if only to look at the building and the courtyards. There is a wicked stone installation by a guy named Andy Goldsworthy – super good. The building skin is a perforated and dimpled steel sheet. Plus it’s in some famous park and is close to Amoeba records (another must).

  7. full house. stand of fisherman’s wharf and pretend you are danny tanner with two of your three overly adorable daughters.

  8. for realz. come here. you can sleep on my floor. i have a lot of floor.

  9. You should definitely go to Alcatraz Island. It is a prison on an island in San Francisco bay and you can see Al Capone’s cell. Also, a gun gallery. Very American.

    Is your thingy at the California Academy of Sciences? Apparently you should go there as well.

  10. City Lights Booksellers. Famous historical bookstore founded by poet Lawrencce Ferlenghetti.

  11. Union Square. You can go to Tiffany’s.

  12. Also, George ‘Machine Gun’ Kelly went to Alcatraz, wasn’t he a relative of yours?

  13. San Fransisco Zoo.

  14. joelhasausername

    whoa, that’s a ton of stuff to do. i am so pysched to go to the science academy!

  15. Also, apparently you want to call yourself a ‘San Fransico Virgin’ a lot while your there.

  16. Golden Gate Fortune Coookie Factory!!!

  17. I win. I am the best friend.

  18. Also, was there supposed to be a footnote on the supposed healthyness of Edo Japan?

  19. joelhasausername

    sorry, here’s the belated footnote:

    [1] i guess it is a titch healthier than say a giant hamburger from A&W. but it’s white rice and meat! should make a post about edo.

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