how to store cheese

i thought i was pretty clever figuring out how cling wrap works[1] to keep my cheese nice and not dried out, but apparently that’s a big no-no for cheese storage, especially for goat chees and blue.
cheese aftermath

to summarize:

  • the french of course rule at cheese. what did you expect?
  • blue cheese can be kept in aluminum foil.
  • wrap your cheese in wax paper, then a plastic bag so it can breathe.

update: man, that blog is cool! did you know the waxy rind on the ring of parmesean isn’t actually wax, but in fact dried out cheese? and that you can use it in dishes where it gets melted! this has TOTALLY REINVENTED THE WAY I LOOK AT CHEESE.

[1] it’s the power of static electricity! the plastic has a charge built up that clings to the food. if you don’t wrap the food right away, the charge will dissipate and then you’re left with a non-clingy useless reminder of how much you still have to learn from your mother. that’s science, baby.


4 responses to “how to store cheese

  1. you’re weird. great too though.

  2. i think my favourite part was the cling wrap footnote.

  3. bizarre. wanna come make something cheesy in my scale?

  4. New post. Seriously, no more cheese.

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