chat transcript: one of my very favourite blogging methods.

4:46 PM Lewis: tap
4:47 PM me: tap
4:48 PM Lewis: what is up

5 minutes
4:53 PM me: i was playing scrabble
4:54 PM what are you doing tonight?
Lewis: goin to a
me: is it my party?
my party at de-ann’s house?
Lewis: what?
me: i’m having a party at de-ann’s house
Lewis: request of explanation of incident meaning!
me: and you’re going to come
4:55 PM Lewis: what kind of party?
me: a cooking party
Lewis: steaks and booze!
booze n’ stakes
me: exactly
Lewis: booakes!
4:56 PM me: you should come
Lewis: actually, i already have plans
me: so skip them
Lewis: i a frayed knot
me: screw you
mike dang is coming
4:57 PM Lewis: he’s probably cooler than me
pretend he’s your brother, maybe.
me: no
but we were going to have a cool off
between you and him
Lewis: i’m scared
his last name is dang!
me: no, you’re cooler
4:58 PM you have things named after you
he just has expletive deleted
Lewis: what is named after me?
me: lewis and clark, lewis lennox, lewis acids
4:59 PM Lewis: isn
‘t it lennox lewis?
5:00 PM and what about, like, micheal jordan?
me: that’s his lesser known cousin
Lewis: or that dude who plays kramer
or michealangelo
or mike, from canmore
me: no no no
Lewis: mike james
me: he is named after them
Lewis: mike hiemstra
but lennox lewis is older than me
how could he be named after me?
5:01 PM me: see you’re so cool they went back in time and named him after you
Lewis: wow
me: in honor of your time travellin’ coolness
hey, are you going to see semi-pro?
Lewis: at some point yes.
before this discussion proceeds any further, i have a demand.
me: done
Lewis: i demand you try to guess what i call my time machine.
5:02 PM me: i guess….
“timmy the time machine”
possibly of doom.
me: i like it
Lewis: no, scratch that last part.
anyway, proceed.
5:03 PM me: okay
i actually have to get back to things
because i dont’ have a time machine
of doom
5:04 PM Lewis: ok
have fun tonight.
me: i suppose you can have fun too
Lewis: you should put this chat up on a blog somewhere or something.
me: why not you?
you should revive your blog
Lewis: i don’t understand the internet.
me: on blogspot
Lewis: also i never ahd a blog.
me: it is far better
start one
5:05 PM i shall start it for you
Lewis: booooo
me: ok
this is me leaving
and starting a blog for you
this is going to be the first post
Lewis: blogging is not for plebs like me

One response to “chat transcript: one of my very favourite blogging methods.

  1. are you guys related or something?

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