what’s in a name? a suppository, that’s what!

alright dear readers, here is the blogpost you’ve all been waiting for: the name of this blog and my slightly silly reasons behind it.

1. now, i should preface this by stating that naming your blog is like naming your band. it requires a lot of thought and rationale! it’s a primal part of your identity, for goshsakes. you wouldn’t just go around naming your children with underscores and “2007” after their name, just becuase someone had taken “ethan” or “emily” before you!

2. blog names, in my opinion, should be two out of the following three options: a) memorable and original,to help you type it in when it’s not at hand b) short, to help you type it in when you’ve had a few drinks and want to leave embarrassing comments, and c) preferabbly witty or at least satisfyingly descriptive in some way, shape or form.

2a. by this point in the internet, all if not most of the sensisical names have been taken that satisfy this. which is why in my opinion all of the new, web 2.0 sites like flickr, tumblr and del.icio.us are so weirdly named. trying over and over again to register my identity online makes me anxious and stressed, and likely to name my blog “ethan_2007” or something like that.

3. stevie knicks is a name i thought of a long time ago as a temporary placeholder for my computer until i came up with a better name for it. [1] then, it kind of grew on me. i like things that do that.

4. i particularly like the delicious ambiguity of the name. it’s part stevie nicks, singer of fleetwood mac, a band that no one these days really knows (including me, granted), but has more than a few instantly recognizable songs. also, despite being a grammy-winning multi-platinum artist, she is probably most famous for being rumoured to have a roadie employed specifically for this very purpose to administer cocaine anally. it’s also part new york knicks, the loveably hateable centerpiece of the NBA. having only won two titles in their exisitence, a relativlely meagre total given their prominence in arguably the world’s most prominent basketball market, they are also known as the team that wilt chamberlain scored 100 points against in 1962. you might not think of them as affable losers, but the facts seem to point to it.

5. with that being said, i’m neither spike lee nor do i have the complete collection of fleetwood mac on vinyl. nor do i do cocaine through my rectum (“rectum? damn near killed ’em!”). maybe there’s some flimsy intention in that, but i kind of doubt it. thus, at the end of all of it, it’s just a slightly punny name that sounds good and isn’t too hard to remember.

[1] my first computer, now passed onto other homes and on the verge of being replaced, was named jerome, a name i have yet to follow up on in terms of naming satisfaction. jerome! it was a great name in all aspects of the word. i miss you, ol’ buddy.


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