a blogpost about things i want to blogpost about.

jenga1. blogging websites (blogger, xanga, livejournal, wordpress)- all of you, take notes. why can’t you trust your users to do more with their blogs beyond post pictures of their pets and put widgets in their profile? wordpress wants me to pay $15/year to be able to customize my blog!?! make your money somewhere else on the long tail.

2. food! i wonder what kind of journal the people who write cookbooks keep about their new recipes. do they try out many variations of the same recipe, to come up with the very best? i want to try this, with pizza. pizza with amazing crust and avocados. and pictures, lots and lots of pictures.

3. crafts! i have a few projects gathering dust in the crevices of my mind. the first of which: wallpapering! greater men have died for far less. i’ll keep you posted.

passport status: unchanged. slightly forgotten about.


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