i can has blog now plz.

three random things:

1. ate a crunchy pear! i nominate the pear as the best fruit over a range of ripeness. Nobody likes an unripe melon or mango, nor is anyone clamouring for a soft apple that gushes juice when you bite into it.

2. thought about buying this. i am suddenly convinced that any and all of my problems will be solved by having the proper portable storage solution.

3. noticed that the wordpress editor uses georgia as a font choice! solid pick, wordy. georgia is the choice when you want respect, but a little bit of zingy style. look how it stylizes numbers: 1234!   wait, can you see that? you don’t get to edit this post. erm, well, nevermind. sign up for a wordpress blog or take me for my word.
three random thoughts:

1. why is internet spelling so amusing? LOLCATZ and 1334-speak  have transcended their expected audiences of cat lovers/bad spellers and computer dorks, respectively. i can’t tolerate a typo in the newspaper or on tv, but the internet saves all graces.

1a) this is the greatest thing to have ever happened on the internets.

2. i’ve never known anyone named samson, but if i did they totally would be nicknamed samsung. why hasn’t this happened before? i fully expect 2008’s top baby name to be sammy samsung. get crackin, expecting mothers!
3.  reminder to self: self, get ye a renewed passport. that is going to come back and bite ye in the bottom.


3 responses to “i can has blog now plz.

  1. 1., 2., 3., 1., 1a), 2., 3.?

  2. joelhasausername

    well, 1 and 1)a were clearly related.

    also, i am sad to discover that my blog is not displayed in georgia.

  3. um i like unripe mangos…quite a lot. while they’re green with a sprinkle of cumin. Shared in a Honduran forest preferably.

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