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spicy almonds!

more recipes! i used to hate almonds but now they’re ok!

  • Toast the almonds in a dry frying pan on medium heat. Be patient and pay attention: shake the pan every so often, listen and smell them. They’ll smell better and better, and turn toasty brown and start to sizzle a little bit. Don’t let them burn!
  • Then, into the hot pan add your choice of:
  • A few dashes of soy sauce to taste (I usually err on the side of too much) OR
  • A mixture of lime juice, chili powder, salt and maybe some honey? I can’t have honey but I imagine it would be choice. OR
  • Something else I haven’t tried yet? Cinnamon, cloves, sugar and salt with a tablespoon of water maybe. Spices, man! Your choice!
  • Keep stirring the almonds up as the liquid evaporates, coating them. It’ll make the pan look horrendous, but don’t worry because it’s super easy to rinse clean. Keep going until the coating starts to look powdery, not sticky at all.
  • Let them cooooool and try not to eat them all right away! They usually are better the next day after any residual moisture has dried out but really good right away. You could also try other nuts? I have tried sunflower seeds with great success.

Pow! Recipes!



i know the three people that used to read this have already seen this, but i made some hummus that i really like and would like to share my secrets with you:

  • Okay, hummus in and of itself isn’t the most exotic nor exciting of recipes. But it’s all in the deets!
  • For instance: I have gone through life being a canned chickpeas hummus maker, straight out of the can into the food processor. But now on the cleanse we’re only supposed to eat dried beans,not canned. SO IT IS DRIED BEANS FOR ME I SUPPOSE. Fortunately, I now believe that dried beans, or at least cooking the dried beans really helps make the hummus less grainy and more creamy. Did I mention we’re not allowed dairy on the cleanse? Every little bit of creamy helps here.
  • So: it takes 2 days to prepare. The night before, wash and soak the dried beans in a bowl with lots of water. How many? I don’t know. Let’s say 1.5 cupsish. Add a tablespoon or so of baking soda; this is supposed to help break down the husks some more.
  • The next morning, drain and rinse the beans. They should look a lot like canned beans, except they were once dried! Then put them in a slow cooker with: a tablespoon or so of salt, a few garlic cloves, some peppercorns, you know, spices. Fill up the slowcooker with more water and leave it for the day on low.
  • Then! The magic starts to happen. That evening, drain the cooked beans, keeping a cup or so of the liquid. NOW YOU HAVE COOKED DRIED BEANS!
  • To your favourite food processor/sturdy blender (FYI: I may have destroyed Lori’s blender the first time I did this, but then bought a combo processor/blender) add two cups of the cooked beans. THERE MAY BE LEFTOVER BEANS, I SHOULD REALLY ADJUST THE RECIPE TO FIGURE IT OUT BUT OH WELL.
  • Blend them up a bit; you probably will have to stop every so often to mush them around with a spoon. Since they’re so thick it’ll be more like a chunky pasteish thing.
  • Add to it! One half cup of tahini, preferably some from a bottle that is Lebanese or has some Arabic on the label. It’ll be gooey when you add it, so use a half cup of the cooking liquid as well to aid the addition. Blend, blend, blend it up! At this point hopefully it’ll resemble hummus somewhat. Keep stirring every once in a while with the spoon.
  • Then add a quarter cup of olive oil, maybe a third. I put a half in once and it was really really good. But just be patient, you know? Also: add the juice of a lemon. Furthermore: add some salt. I like salt, and I’d say about two teaspoons. But taste it and seeeeee! Hopefully this should look, taste, smell, resemble everything that is hummus, making it in fact: hummus.
  • You can also make variations on this theme if you like! Add the additives when you are mushing up the chickpeas. I have tried: a half a chipotle pepper (from a can, made with adobo sauce); two jalapenos, seeded and finely chopped. You could also try throwing in some chopped parsely or other herbs if you have an itch for some green hummus.

Guys. Seriously. How awesome is your life?


I just had the best dream!

It was right before I woke up. In it, the group at school all went for
milkshakes and were lined up to order them. Everyone was speculating
as to which flavour to order, since there were a lot. Then, Matt (the
mormon) said: “man, I have picked the best flavour!” And everyone was
all “what flavour is that Matt?”

He says: “a Cream Jesus.”


So *I* head straight to the counter and ask for a “cream Jesus with
extra Jesus.”

How awesome are dreams where: a) you get an awesome idea for a
milkshake and b) you also have a witty one liner!?

fun fact of the moment!

what’s the plural form of octopus? octopi, right?


silly rabbit, it’s octopodes. octopodes i tells ya!

mind blown.

(okay, i will admit that wikipedia article states octopi is accepted by the oxford english dictionary, but octopodes is the correct latin/greek pluralization! hah!


so, one of my new year’s resolutions is to walk more. that’s right. i make new years resolutions. sure, they may be cheesy and rarely fulfilled, but there’s a lovely sense of optimism to them. the world definitely needs more optimism.

anyway: walking. walking is rad for the following reasons:
1. (practically) anyone can walk! out of any physical activity, walking requires the least amount of planning, special equipment, gym memberships, etc. which is to say that it requires none of those things. i’m sorry if i’ve offended the legless here.

2. walking is secretly good for you. okay, not so secretly good for you. if you walk for an hour each day and kept all other excercise and dietary considerations equal, you would lose about 40-50 pounds over the course of a year! (an hour of walking burns about 400-500 calories, which adds up to almost a pound of weight per week!) also, in keeping with point 1, walking is relatively low impact and won’t leave you totally spent for the rest of your day.

3. also: walking doesn’t make you super sweaty! although it can make you just a lil sweaty. just the right amount of sweaty!

4. walking gets you places! since you don’t need to wear anything special to do it, you can walk to work! or school! or your friends’ houses. et cetera. et cetera! you transport yourself *while* getting fresh air and sunshine and fitness benefits! bb and i were discussing this benefit and realized if it normally takes you a half hour to get to work every day, but an hour to walk, it’s like getting a buy one get one free coupon for fitness!

5. this also could be extended to pretty much any (urban) transportation scenario: drive an hour to work? drive three quarters of the way, park (and probably save a ton of money since you no longer need that one spot), and walk! listen to a podcast (i have started doing this and recommend the new Wiretap and Onion Radio News , or renew your enjoyment of hall and oates, or just use the time to clear your thoughts and figure out a thing or two.

hurrah for walking!